Humboldt 2018 AIW Mid-Year Opportunity has ended
2018 Humboldt Community School Mid-Year
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Thursday, March 22

High School Cafeteria

Middle School 5/6 Pod

Middle School 7/8 Pod

Room 04 High School TBeach's Room

Room 05 High School-Media Center

Room 06 High School Schnetzer's Room

Room 07 High School Martin's Room

Room 09 High School-Little Aud

Room 11 High School-G Wickett's Room

Room 14 High School Lacina

Room 16 High School-Mooney's Room

Room 18 High School-Orr's Room

Room 21 High School-Beach's Room

Room 22 High School-Smith's Room

Room 23 High School-Newton's Room

Room 25 High School-Bidne's Room

Room 27 High School-PLTW Lab

Room 28 High School Short's Room

Room 30 High School Hellman's Room